There are several styles and features to choose from when buying a pontoon boat that it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one particular model. Are you more interested in comfort or function? How much can you afford to spend without overdoing it? Where do you plan to take the boat? Of course, it’s important and useful to have a checklist established beforehand. At the time, try to remember that pontoons open you up to a whole new world of thrills on the water, so don’t forget to have fun in the process!

If you need some guidance when buying a pontoon boat, you’ve come to the right place. Norfolk Marine has highlighted some of the great reasons for choosing a pontoon boat. If you have more questions or you’re interested in browsing our pontoon inventory, stop by our dealership in Norfolk, Virginia near Chesapeake and Virginia Beach today!


One of the main reasons boaters choose to own a pontoon is because of its capacity to accommodate and entertain a large number of guests. Capacity will vary with size, but most pontoons can fit anywhere from 6 to 17 people on one craft. You can also upgrade your model to have more amenities when hosting bigger crowds. For example, you can install seating around the edges or in the form of rows. You can even bring in some lawn or patio furniture for more seating, too. Some models are equipped with fresh water and bathroom facilities. If you plan to spend long days out on the water hosting large gatherings, pontoons provide you with all the best amenities to make this possible.


Pontoon boats are a great option for fishing as well. You can equip your pontoon with livewells, rod holders, and bait buckets so it can serve as the perfect fishing boat. Thanks to their generous capacity, pontoons are great for bringing friends along on your fishing trip. Many other fishing boats are quite small and can only handle a couple people at most. If you plan on overnight travel, you can include campers and canopies. If fishing is your main goal with your pontoon, it might be worth considering a model that comes with swivel fishing chairs. Some pontoons even come with chairs at all four corners for the ultimate fishing experience.

Water Sports

Maybe you’re more into the thrill of a high-speed adventure. In that case, you can always get a pontoon that is built to pull wakeboarders, tubers, or water skiiers. There are many sports and activities you can do with your pontoon. As a matter of fact, pontoons are even ideal for scuba diving. Choose a model that comes with a ladder and room to jump from and you’re good to go!

Pontoons come in a variety of sizes, which includes their engine power. You might not need the fastest model on the market if your thrill-seekers are younger. Slower boats will leave the older kids and young adults feeling bored, so you’ll want something slightly stronger.


After you buy your pontoon, you still have the option of adding upgrades. This is great because if your needs change down the line, you’ll still be able to tailor the upgrades accordingly. If you end up doing a lot of entertaining, you can add lights and a speaker system to take the party to the next level. You can always add upgrades geared toward fishing if you find yourself going after the perfect catch on a regular basis. Whatever upgrade you desire, pontoons are built to meet the needs of your personalized lifestyle.

Norfolk Marine can handle all of your pontoon boat needs. Visit our dealership in Norfolk, Virginia near Chesapeake and Virginia Beach to check out our latest inventory today!