Your pontoon boat is your versatile gateway to the good times. Use it as a fishing boat to enjoy a leisurely afternoon waiting for a bite. Take thrill seekers out on an innertube. Coast along the shores to new restaurants at the bay across the way. Your pontoon is primed for memorable experiences. But with a little upgrade, your boating experiences can go from good to great. We rounded up our favorite accessories for pontoon boats below. For all your boating needs, visit Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, Virginia.

Boat Lighting

Improve your boating excursions by boosting your lighting. Many pontoons come with electrical outlets that you can plug new lights into to brighten up the deck. But make sure you use waterproof lights (and not any old standard lamp). To be better seen on the water, install floodlights. For easier docking in the dark, install emergency lighting. These practical lighting upgrades improve your visibility, which improves your safety.

There are also lighting options meant for fun rather than function. Under-deck lighting adds a new aesthetic to your vessel. There are also lighting options that can be controlled and adjusted from your phone. Some of these can even change color!

Fishing Boat Upgrades

Pontoons work well as a fishing boat. Cruise over to a secluded section and soak up the serene scene. Or bring along a group of fishing enthusiasts. One easy way to improve your fishing experience is through rod holders. These handy devices get attached to the side of your boat. They keep your pole securely in place so you can free up your hands. Hold the pole steady while you set another line. Rest your arms while you eat lunch. Let your kids join the fishing fun without getting bored from standing still holding the rod. These make the whole fishing experience better.

Boat Protection

Docking your boat exposes it to some potential damage. The edges of your boat can smack the sharp edges of the dock. This is especially common among new drivers learning how to dock as they more easily misjudge the angles. But it also happens when large waves push your boat into the dock. Corner bumpers get attached to your boat so it gets protection against the edge. They come in many shades so you can match the coloring of your boat.

Another way to protect your boat is with a boat cover. When your pontoon sits docked, it sits exposed to different damaging effects. The sun’s rays fade its colors. Rain can spur the growth of mold and mildew. Pollen and dust can float onto it. Keep these issues from hurting your boat with a cover.

Swimming Upgrades

Many people use their pontoon to scope out the ideal swimming or snorkeling spots. Travel far from the public crowded beaches and to a serene spot. Use your anchor to stay there while your passengers swim about. It’s a grand old time! But wet hands slip about when trying to get back on using the high deck rails (especially with younger kiddos).

A swim platform gets placed at water level. Swimmers can easily step and hoist themselves back onto the boat. You can use a permanent one to avoid needing to attach and detach each time you need to use it. Or you can use a detachable one if you want the flexibility and not the permanence.

For all your boating needs, visit Norfolk Marine. Check out our wide selection of new and pre-owned pontoon boats, fishing boats, skiff boats, and more. If you need repairs, go through our parts replacement and service department. We proudly serve those in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, Virginia.