With the sun shining, you’re probably looking to explore new places and find new favorite watering holes. Here in Virginia, we have some of the most beautiful waterways to visit in the entire nation (or at least we think so). It’s no wonder you’d want to check out some of these places. Norfolk Marine has provided a list of some of our favorite places to take your boat here in the state of Virginia. Check them out and then let us know what you thought of them by stopping by our location in Norfolk, Virginia, near Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk.

Philpott Lake

This winding lake just forty minutes northwest of Martinsville is home to some of Virginia’s most beautiful scenery and natural habitats. With over 3,000 acres to explore, there’s very little chance that you’ll won’t have anything to do while you’re here, whether you’re on or off the water. Outside of the many hiking trails and birding opportunities, you’ll also be able to enjoy 100 miles of shoreline, as well as everything in between it. This includes several boat launches and six beaches and even a tournament fishing dock for the serious fishers in your family. The area is also home to regular events, so check out their calendar if you’re thinking of visiting. The whole area is the perfect getaway for those who need a nice, relaxing day on crystal clear waters.

Lake Maury

Time to head east to the coast. Or at least fairly close to it. For a lake that’s less secluded, consider stopping by Lake Maury. Owned by one of North America’s largest maritime museums, Mariners’ Museum, this welcoming landscape offers all the best parts of hitting the water without having to traverse across the landscape to reach it. You’ll still be able to enjoy cool forested areas on top of all the great water activities you may have planned. Because of its connection to the museum, the lake is often used for scientific studies and lessons, but you can also hit the water for some fishing and general relaxation. There are some restrictions to the kinds of boats you can use, so you’ll want to be in compliance of all rules and regulations. If you don’t have your own boat, you can rent one from the museum’s Boat House.

Lake Drummond

Also in this general area is Lake Drummond, the centerpiece of the Great Dismal Swamp. Sporting a beautiful round shape, this area is linked to an exquisite and haunting landscape of iconic wetland scenery. There are many theories as to how the lake acquired its unique shape, including an underground peat burning and even a meteorite, but these waters will provide everything you need for a relaxing boating excursion. Due to the pH levels of the lake, you’ll find an abundance of bowfin, longnose gar, and crappie to satisfy the fishers in your party. But as the state’s second largest freshwater lake, it can be just as fulfilling to sit back and let your boat drift on the surface.

Lake Anna

Making our way a little farther north, you’ll run into Lake Anna, an area particularly popular with families. With over 20 sq. miles at its disposal, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of great activities, including warm beaches, lighthouses, regular events, eateries, and much more. This means that if there’s ever a day where your family decides they want more than some of the standard on-water activities, the region will be able to provide.

There are a lot of great lakes and rivers to visit here in the great state of Virginia and we’re always looking to expand our list. Stop by Norfolk Marine to chat with our experienced staff about some of your favorite destinations, or even to start looking for your next boat to help you explore all these great areas in a new way. We proudly serve Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk, Virginia.