Whether you’re a seasoned mariner yourself or you simply know a lot of them, you’ve probably considered what types of marine-centric presents you could give or receive. With so many gift-giving occasions scattered throughout the year, from birthdays to anniversaries to traditional holidays, as well as the popular “just-because” gift, it pays to know what types of boater-friendly presents are available.

This quick shopping guide by your friends at Norfolk Marine should make your gift-giving much easier! As your Virginia boat dealer, we’re here to help you with all your nautical needs.

Magazine Subscriptions

If your boating friend is big into reading, why not get them a subscription to a popular marine lifestyle magazine? You can even customize this gift to tailor it to your loved one’s specific interests, whether that’s watersports activities, fishing or particular types of boats. Simply choose a length for the subscription and tell your recipient with a greeting card that plenty of boat-related information is headed their way!


Watersports enthusiasts could always benefit from more towables for friends and family who want to participate. Inner tubes come in many styles and patterns, including single-rider and multiple-rider types. Because these items become damaged over time, having replacements on hand is always going to be a positive.

If you feel like investing more in a friend’s hobby, you might even consider wakeboards or skis or necessary gear or equipment for these sports, too. Just make sure you know what it is your friend likes and any necessary measurements.

Boating Shoes Or Boots

A classic element of mariner style is a good pair of boat shoes, which are designed to be water-resistant and have good traction to keep one upright on a slippery deck. If you know the shoe size of your favorite boater, you can get them a pair in their favorite colors or by a brand you know they like. After all, having an extra pair of shoes handy is never a bad thing, especially if their main pair has become worn or damaged with time.

For those who love fishing, a pair of waders or tall waterproof boots may be a more practical gift. Your angling family member will find themselves wading into water or having it slosh over the side of their boat pretty often, which merits having a good, sturdy pair of boots to keep their feet warm and dry!


While GPS and smartphones have largely taken away the need for mariners to find their way through paper maps and charts and dead reckoning, a compass may still be necessary at times if electronics break down or signals fade. It also makes a lovely and old-fashioned gift that you can customize with an engraving.

Marine-Themed Wearables & Decor

Personalizing a boat is similar to decorating one’s home, so your loved one may enjoy having some decorations that enhance the marine theme. Paintings, knick-knacks, beautiful ornamental seashells or decorative macramé wall hangings can all make lovely gifts. They may even wish to incorporate more marine decor into their beach house or residential home, too.

Maybe your friend prefers to wear their hobby. Anchor-print accessories, blue-and-white striped boating shirts, a sailor’s cap or mermaid jewelry might be just the ticket, in that case! Take your friend’s tastes and personal style into account while you’re shopping so you can choose something you know they’ll love.

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