Tips For Boating With Teenagers

Boating is a fun activity for the entire family but if the adults on the boat want to relax, things can get a little low-key for the kids on board. For smaller kids, you can carry Play-Doh or play games like I-Spy but your teenager is probably going to give you a big eye-roll if you suggest […]

Navigating Shallow Waters

If you’re seeking a particular type of fish that lurks close to the shore, it’s essential that you learn how to navigate shallow waters in your boat. Or maybe you’re just hoping to better understand how to cross the shallow water as your head out to larger depths. Whatever the case, Norfolk Marine has gathered some […]

Accessories for Pontoon Boats

Your pontoon boat is your versatile gateway to the good times. Use it as a fishing boat to enjoy a leisurely afternoon waiting for a bite. Take thrill seekers out on an innertube. Coast along the shores to new restaurants at the bay across the way. Your pontoon is primed for memorable experiences. But with a little […]