It’s an exciting time when you decide to invest in a fishing boat. You’ll no longer be limited to fishing at the dock, on the shore, or worse, having to harass a friend to take you out on their boat. You can hit the open water whenever the urge hits. You’ll also enjoy improved catches when you travel to the right region where the fish you seek can be found.

How do you go about finding the perfect vessel? Norfolk Marine is here to help. We’ve provided this helpful guide to choosing the right fishing boat. Keep reading to learn more, then visit us in Norfolk, VA, to check out our inventory. We also serve our friends in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

Freshwater Fishing

One of the easiest ways to start narrowing down your choices is to consider where you plan to fish. This will typically pertain to the depth of the water you’ll be in, but it’s also helpful to think about the type of water you’ll be frequenting. For instance, if you plan to spend most of your time in deep, freshwater regions, you’ll want a versatile craft. A lightweight boat with an ultra-quiet motor will help you avoid bottoming out while not creating too much drag when the water starts getting deeper.

On the other hand, there are many freshwater areas where the water is consistently shallow. Areas such as swamps, ponds, and even lakes will be too difficult for boats with deep V-hulls to maneuver. In this case, you’ll want to choose a flat-bottomed boat with an outboard motor. This type of craft will help you navigate shallow waters with ease. You’ll still have plenty of speed and agility, too.

Saltwater Fishing

If your intended catch is only found in saltwater regions, you’ll want to choose your fishing boat carefully. It’s crucial to choose a vessel that’s better equipped to handle this type of environment. The salt in the air and the water is much more corrosive, so your first duty is to make sure the material on your boat is extremely durable.

You’ll also want to think about where you’ll be. For example, if you’re going to be fishing closer to the bay, the waters are calmer and shallower. This is why boat manufacturers make bay boats that are designed to optimize performance in areas where there is less water and more debris. However, you’ll need something different for deep water. The depth is subject to change, but the waters can be much choppier and this can make things tumultuous. Make sure you choose a boat that can handle a beating, which usually means you’ll need a large aluminum hull.

Size Considerations

Of course, size is a consideration you should be thinking about, too. Saltwater fishing boats tend to be bigger so they can withstand rough waters. These also provide you with ample space for spreading out and enjoying your trip. Freshwater boats tend to be smaller since they need to maneuver through tight areas and are usually used on shorter trips.

How many passengers will be joining you on your fishing adventures? If you plan to bring the whole family along, you’re probably going to need more space for everyone to safely move around. If you’re going solo, you likely don’t need to spend as much money on your investment because you won’t need a ton of extra room for additional passengers. However, it’s still a smart idea to have a bit of extra room to accommodate any unexpected guests.

Useful Amenities

The better amenities you have, the more use you’ll get out of your craft. For example, baitwells and livewells are ideal when you’re fishing because they’ll keep your catch fresh until you return to land. You’ll also want plenty of rod holders so everyone has somewhere to put theirs. It’s also great for setting up multiple lines. Fish finders and other electronic accessories are worthwhile investments that can give you some edge over other angles.

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