Does the idea of hosting a fun party out on the water appeal to you? If yes, you need to get yourself a pontoon boat. There’s plenty of space for eating, dancing, games or even a movie night. For all your boating needs, visit Norfolk Marine. Our trained staff are always happy to provide the best options for everything you require in a pontoon or other watercraft.


When it comes to decor, your pontoon boat doesn’t need much to give it a festive and fun look. Having a central theme for your party will help everything come together. Some common themes for parties on pontoon boats are casino, fiesta, nautical, and tropical. You can get themed napkins, coasters, and streamers to decorate your boat. You can even ask your guests to dress according to the theme.


Dining on pontoon boats is such an enjoyable experience that it can be the focus of your party. Your guests can enjoy the peaceful waves lapping against the shore, the kiss of a gentle breeze, and the serenity of being on the open water. First you should decide what you want to serve. The easiest to prepare and eat are finger foods like chips, popcorn, fresh fruit/veggie salad, hummus and pita bread, cheese and crackers, etc. If you want to take some of the burden off yourself, turn the party into a potluck. That way you don’t have to spend too much time preparing the food and your guests get to show off their cooking skills.

Once you’ve decided on the menu, see if any of the items can be prepared beforehand. That cuts down the time you’ll spend away from your party guests. Many of the tasks like chopping veggies and making dips can be done before you board your pontoon boat. You can opt for recyclable paper plates in order to keep cleaning down to a manageable level. Don’t use glassware, as it can become a hazard if it shatters. Use plastic wrap or foil to stop bugs from exploring the food.


If there isn’t some music, it isn’t really a party. You can choose songs that go with the theme of your party or you can choose songs that are purely nautical. Some ambient background music is good if you want your guests to focus on mingling with each other. If you want some dancing on your pontoon boat, ask your guests to send you their favorite party songs; that way you can be sure people will shake a leg. Most pontoon boats have a USB port you can use to play your music.


Apart from letting you enjoy nature, pontoon boats are great for conversations. You can start some general ones about people’s favorite books, places to visit, binge-worthy series, etc. If you want more involvement from your guests, you can choose to play games. There are various board games you could try. If you don’t want a game that requires pieces or cards, you can opt for something like charades.

Pontoon boats are perfect for movie nights. You can hold a simple one using your laptop or tablet as a screen. Or you can get a portable movie projector and hang a white sheet as a screen. Once the sun goes down, you can start your movie. There are waterproof speakers you can get to make sure your guests can hear the dialogue above the waves.

Cleaning Up

After the pontoon boat party is over comes the cleaning up. Do yourself a favor and plan this ahead. Bring a box of cleaning supplies filled with sanitation wipes, hand sanitizer, and trash bags. Double the trash bags to stop them from ripping open or stinking to high heavens. Place them under the seats so they don’t fall into the water. Use a separate bag for recyclables.

We hope these tips help you plan the best pontoon parties! For more tips, come to our dealership in Norfolk, Virginia and talk to our helpful staff. At Norfolk Marine, we have a wide collection of new and pre-owned pontoon boats for you to choose from. If you’re looking for pontoon boats for sale near Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, we invite you to call or come over today!