When you’re boating adventures take you quite a ways off the beaten path, you’ll want a vessel that can handle everything you throw at it, whether that means some of the local rivers and lakes or the rough waters just off the coast. If those are the kinds of boats you need, then check out what we have available from Grady-White Boats here at Norfolk Marine. We have all the latest 2020 models, so visit our location in Norfolk, Virginia, today for an exclusive look at these one-of-a-kind vessels. We proudly serve those from Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

The Center Consoles

Of course, there’s nothing more classic and adaptable than a center console. Whether you prefer fresh or saltwater fishing, a center console often offers everything you need to enjoy a day out on the water. The secret to Grady-White Boats’ success is that they listen carefully to their customers. They understand the parts of their boats that work well and the parts that need to be fine-tuned.

That’s why when you pick up one of their center consoles, it’ll exceed all your expectations. Not only do these vessels provide all the practical features you’ll need for a successful fishing trip, but you’ll also have some great amenities to make the trip fun. Try finding that anywhere else.

For example, the console comes with all the important controls you’ll need, including the stereo and the navigational tools, but it’s also sleek and classy looking. These boats are also comfortable and easy to control. An easy-to-control boat often makes for better on-water experiences. And, most importantly, they’re easy on the eyes. Sure, that’s not at the top of your list of needs, but it certainly can’t hurt.

The Dual Consoles

The dual consoles, on the other hand, are among the most popular for a wider range of boaters. They get their name from the two-seat consoles, one driver and one passenger seat, and are highly versatile, whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or enjoy water sports activities. The Freedom lineup offers Grady-White Boats’ collection of high performing dual consoles, complete with lots of power and safety.

You’ll get plenty of storage for all your boating gear, and you’ll enjoy a spacious deck area to seat your entire boating party. The spacious, enclosed head area allows for all-day family fun, which ensures that these vessels are not only great for groups of friends and fishing buddies, but families with children as well. There are even some models that exceed 30 feet in length, which can make them a better fit for off-shore adventures. Some models even come with air conditioning and a wet bar with a refrigerator. There’s simply no comparison. The dual consoles from Grady-White Boats aren’t just about a productive day on the water; they’re about a fun one!

Coastal Explorers (CE)

Finally, getting a vessel for off-shore boating can be difficult. You want to ensure it’s going to handle the rougher waters, which is why sometimes, it’s easier to simply choose a boat specifically built for the ocean. That’s where the Coastal Explorer line comes in.

But there’s more to these boats than meets the eye. They’re technically bay boats, which means that, by design, they’re built with the sporty performance you need for inshore fishing. But they still offer more offshore capability than any comparable boat. That’s what makes them some of the most versatile crafts in their class. No matter where your saltwater adventures lead you, it’s the Coastal Explorers that’ll get you there.

Ready to check out some 2020 Grady-White Boats for sale? Stop by Norfolk Marine, proudly serving those in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA. We’re as dedicated to finding you the right boat as you are, so visit us today and see what we can do for you.