You chose your fishing boat specifically to provide you with as many features as possible to make each boating trip comfortable and successful. However, there are some aftermarket fishing boat accessories worth your consideration.

These items don’t come with your boat at purchase, but they’re easy enough to add after the fact. If you have any questions or want advice for what you can add to your fishing boat, come down to Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, Virginia, so our knowledgeable sales staff can help you out!


An air horn is a useful piece of equipment to have around when you’re out boating. While most small crafts don’t need to use the official US Coast Guard signals when approaching other boats, an air horn is an ideal signaling device when you’re in distress on the water. When you have engine trouble, start taking on water, or have a medical emergency, this piece of equipment can be the difference between a positive resolution and complete disaster.

Fish Finder

A must-have tool for anglers of all stripes, a fish finder will help you zero in on your catch at your favorite fishing spot. Many of these high-tech devices have a slew of features that make your fishing trip easier, such as GPS and the ability to mark your most successful spots and chart a course straight to it. Of course, a fish finder can also detect water depth and underwater objects like all those fish you want to catch.

Emergency Kit

You may think that you won’t need an emergency kit for a short jaunt, but this is one accessory that is better to have and not need than to not have and need desperately. Most emergency kits come with signaling devices (usually a whistle and mirror), a rescue rope and a flashlight. A good emergency kit will also have a hard shell that is suitable for bailing your craft out if you happen to take on water.


Of course when you’re out on the lake, you’ll want to have your favorite cold beverages and some delicious sandwiches. Don’t forget to bring a cooler when you’re headed out on the water. Though you can bring any old cooler with you, many brands have coolers that fit specifically in special storage spaces within their boats. Staying hydrated and well-fed will give you the energy you need to fish for hours and you’ll be much happier if you’re not starving!

Baitwell & Livewell

Baitwells keep your bait swimming and fresh so that it’s more tempting for fish. They can be installed easily and come in a range of sizes to fit many different fishing boats. Livewells are similar, but they’re meant to keep your catches swimming all day so that they’re fresh when you’re done with fishing instead of slowly rotting as the day goes on. Both of these features are practical and useful for a frequent fisher.


An anchor will keep you locked in one place so you can more efficiently and thoroughly fish that spot before moving on. Without one, your fishing boat is likely to drift on the tide until you’re several yards away from where your depth finder pointed you, making all that hard work getting situated utterly useless. Having an anchor is also extremely useful if your boat’s engine dies, because you’ll want to call for help and remain in the same location to be found more easily by rescue crews.

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