If you’ve recently decided that you’d like to restore a boat, there are some important steps you’ll need to take to prepare. Whether you’re doing this so you can enjoy it with friends and family on the water or so you can sell it and make some extra cash, there are many ways to go about the process. Here at Norfolk Marine, we want to make sure our customers are well informed before they tackle this task. After all, boat restoration can be a very involved process, so it’s crucial to learn as much as possible before you begin. Keep reading for helpful tips.

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Perform an Inspection

The inspection part of your preparation process should begin with you gathering as much information as possible from the previous owner. You’ll want to discuss the history and find out what repairs have been done and what the boat maintenance schedule was like. Remember to ask about damage, how often it was used, and general boat upkeep. Some issues you’ll want to steer clear of include major electrical issues, mold, and engine problems. Don’t forget the boat restoration is no small feat, so you want to know what you’re getting into before you make a commitment. As long as you allow your skill level to guide you, you’ll be on the right track.

If you reach a point in your inspection where you’re feeling uncertain about the quality of the boat, you might want to get a professional opinion. The condition of the vessel should be your top priority. Once you feel confident in your inspection, you can start making a list of all the things you’ll need to start your boat restoration. One common mistake beginners make is becoming preoccupied with cosmetic repairs and neglecting the more important systems. Without these systems, you won’t get very far. They’ll also be more expensive to repair, so don’t leave them for last. You can’t make use of a boat that doesn’t run, nor will it be worth much.

Create Your Workspace

Next, you’ll want to create a clean and functional workspace for the boat restoration process. This especially critical if you live in a region where the weather is constantly changing. If you’re approaching this as a part-time project and you plan to work on it a bit over the course of many months, you could end up working in the snow or rain. The ideal workspace will provide adequate overhead coverage so you can work on it regardless of the weather conditions.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have your workspace located close to home so you don’t waste time traveling back and forth. You’ll also need to make sure you have access to a power source at both ends of the boat. Other essential include ample light and access to a water supply.

Choose the Right Tools

Once you’ve created an appropriate workspace, you’ll need to equip it with all the right tools. If this is your first boat restoration, you’ll probably need to invest in some new tools. Keep in mind that this will eat into your budget, so don’t forget to include these items in your cost planning. The tools you choose will depend on the type of repairs you’re faced with.

The key to making the boat restoration go as smoothly as possible is convenience. You should have everything you need in one place before you get started. You’ll also want to have the appropriate power tools, flexible hoses, and a ladder. Don’t forget that resorting a boat is a commitment of time and effort, so having everything you need will make a difference in the process.

We hope that these tips are useful as you prepare. If you have questions about boat maintenance or general boat upkeep, feel free to contact us at Norfolk Marine. You’ll find us conveniently located near Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Hampton, VA. We also proudly serve Williamsburg and Cape Charles.