Bennington pontoons are known for their excellence, their luxury, and their comfort. For many, the choice isn’t difficult. Some boaters come back to Bennington every time they’re looking for an upgrade. And if this is the year you’re looking for a new boat, then we’ve got the 2020 Bennington pontoon lineup for you. Stop by Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, Virginia, to check out what you can expect from this year’s incredible vessels. We welcome all those from Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

The R-Series: A Bowrider, Pontoon Hybrid

The most exciting addition to the lineup is the all-new bowrider-pontoon hybrid group, the R-Series. Sometimes, when you’re trying to figure out which boat is right for you, it’s not about making one particular design fit. It’s about combining the best parts of two difficult types of boats to create the perfect vessel.

For a little information on exactly what that means, a bowrider is generally defined by its fiberglass build and additional deck space at the bow. It’s a runabout, which means you can access all sides of the vessel easily, and opening up the front of the boat for more seating means you’ll be able to comfortably accommodate a bigger group of people.

A pontoon is defined by the hollow tubes, called pontoons, that keep the boat afloat. Boating with pontoons can often provide more stability, and are a great choice for bigger groups or less experienced boaters.

When you combine these two types of vessels, what you get is something easy to use with lots of deck space on a fiberglass boat. Some key features from both sides is that you’ll get the superior performance of a bowrider that’s also still easy to drive. The people sitting in front of you aren’t going to get in the way of your line of sight. Plus, when it’s time to jump in the water, you’ll be able to jump off either the front or the back of the boat. Not to mention, it’s sporty and attractive, so you’ll love spending every minute you can in an R-Series boat.

S Model

Of course, Bennington also offers a number of other great pontoons that can be the perfect choice, no matter what you like to do on the water. The S Model offers an attention to detail unlike anything else, from the high-quality seats to the full-height, premium grade aluminum side-panels and even down to the welding. Every inch of these vessels are beautiful and ready for a relaxing and fulfilling day out on the water.

Choose from a few floorplans to find the right setup for your boating party, whether that means the spacious quad bench setup or the L-Bench, one of the most popular floorplans. Even the fishing enthusiasts in your family will love these boats. They come with lots of storage space, bass seats, livewells, rod holders, and more to fit your needs out on the water. Just let us know what some of your favorite on-water activities are and we’ll find you the perfect Bennington boat.

And we’re just skimming the surface. Bennington pontoon boats are known for their incredible luxury and performance and this is the year you should experience that first hand. Stop by Norfolk Marine and let one of our experienced staff help you find the perfect vessel for you and your family today! You’ll find us in Norfolk, Virginia, serving Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.