When you’re looking to expand your fun on the water, consider looking into bowrider boats. Bowriders are the kinds of vessels you’ll see that are built for streamlined performance and also come with seating in the front, or bow, of the boat (hence the name bowrider). This can free up a lot of space for you and your passengers, and also offer a number of other benefits. Norfolk Marine has provided a list of things to consider when you’re looking for the right bowrider boat for you and your family. When you’re ready to check out some of these models for yourself, then stop by our location in Norfolk, Virginia, near Virginia Beach and Suffolk.


Budget is probably right at the top of your list of priorities. If you can afford better amenities, then definitely spend the extra money, but we also don’t want one of our customers to find themselves in an uncomfortable financial position. This is why you’ll want to set a range. This range should be based on your own financial limitations, but should also be realistic for the market you’ll be exploring.

While you’ll want to be realistic, you’ll also want to give yourself a little wiggle room. For the most part, you’ll want to stay within the boundaries of your budget, but if you have some room to push the price, then you can more feasibly invest in something outside your price range. And if you don’t need it, then that’s a little extra money in the pocket.


Now it’s time to move onto the boat itself. We’ll start with one of the broader considerations, overall performance. Price is often determined in part by engine size. Engine size is going to affect how the boat handles. A small engine can be easier to handle although it doesn’t always pack the same punch that a bigger engine would. When you’re looking at a particular boat, ask to take it out for a test ride (like you would for a car). Test it at cruising speed and feel how it turns in the water. You’ll want to be looking for something that delivers what you want without overwhelming your comfort levels. This will be particularly important if your family is going to need a bigger boat.


Speaking of sizes, you’ll also want to take a headcount to determine how many seats you’ll need. For safety and comfort reasons, the smallest size you can get should be able to comfortably fit your largest crowd. From there, you can think of other size accommodations as bonuses. Think about how much storage space you’ll need, how much elbow room you’ll want, and what kinds of amenities you’d like the boat to come with.


Finally, consider what you’ll want your bowrider to do. There are some boaters who simply enjoy coasting out on the water to get some fresh air and soak up some rays. But there are plenty of other ways to make use of your bowrider. Maybe you’ll want to regularly host parties on it. Maybe you’ll want it to tow water sport equipment. Or maybe you need something to do a combination of the above. Consider bringing a list of intended activities with you when you come to check out some of these boats in person. That way, the dealer can help you find the model best suited for your needs.

Hopefully this gives you a guideline, but it by no means covers everything you need to know about bowriders. There are lots of other ways to narrow down your options, but eventually you’ll want to start checking out some boats in person. When that time comes, stop by Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, Virginia and one of our experienced staff will help you with all your bowrider boat related needs. We proudly serve Virginia Beach and Suffolk.