Extended Service Contract

Protect your boat and enjoy life on the water with an extended service contract with Norfolk Marine.

Warranties & Service Contracts in Norfolk, Virginia

Warranty + Extended Service


All new, Yamaha outboards are covered by a limited warranty for pleasure use, covering four strokes for three years and two strokes for two years. A Yamaha Factory Warranty provides owners with some of the best warranty coverage in the industry. Factory-trained service technicians stand ready to help for the life of a Yamaha warranty.

For that same peace of mind and dependable coverage after the factory warranty expires, add Yamaha Extended Service extended Contract (Y.E.S.).

Extended Service Contract

Y.E.S. Is Easy.

Contact Us today using the form on this page to learn how easy it is to get genuine Yamaha protection.

It Gives You Peace of Mind.

Sudden repairs* become our concern-not yours. Y.E.S. applies whether it’s an easy fix or a costly repair.

It Protects You From Expensive Repair Bills.

Unexpected repairs won’t throw a monkey wrench into your finances.

It Offers Uninterrupted Genuine Yamaha Coverage.

Y.E.S. takes over automatically when your original factory warranty expires.

It Covers You, Nationwide.

Y.E.S. is honored by our network of 2000+ dealers nationwide. Just about anywhere you venture, you’ll find coverage.

It’s Surprisingly Affordable.

Several years of Y.E.S. coverage cost a fraction of what one major engine repair bill might be.

It Has No Deductible.

Y.E.S. provides complete coverage on qualifying mechanical defects*. You won’t have to pay anything.

It Increases the Value of Your Yamaha.

Your Y.E.S. protection plan is transferable to your outboard’s next owner. This can increase your Yamaha’s value if you decide to sell or trade-in.

It Includes Travel & Recreation Interruption Protection (T.R.I.P.)

Y.E.S. coverage automatically includes T.R.I.P., which covers expenses (up to $250 per occurrence) related to a qualified failure. This includes food or lodging expenses, transportation- even a charter or rental boat- each time you have a covered warranty or Y.E.S. repair.

*Excluding those repairs due to normal wear and tear or aging.

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