Tips For Docking Your Boat

Boating presents many challenges for new operators. One particularly tricky procedure to master is docking your boat. You want to be able to get your boat positioned in a slip reasonably quickly and without doing damage or hurting anyone, so learning how to do this task is important for safety as well as for financial reasons. […]

Navigating Your Boat

A great way to experience the joys of sailing or driving your boat is to head out on open water on a long sail or cruise. This will give you the chance to see more of the world around you and experience a sense of adventure you’ll never have when you stick close to shore. However, in […]

Basic Boating Safety

Nothing can beat an afternoon out on the water, cruising in your boat with friends and family. Whether you’re swimming and relaxing in the sunshine on your skiff or angling off your fishing boat or pontoon, boating offers limitless possibilities for enjoyment whether on a lake, river or out on the ocean. Norfolk Marine is […]

Boat Spring Cleaning

As the cold months rolled in, you winterized your boat and put her into storage. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to pull her out, throw off the covers and get her into shape for spring and summer sailing or cruising. In case you’re not sure where to start with your de-winterization process, the […]

What to Consider when Buying a Bowrider Boat

When you’re looking to expand your fun on the water, consider looking into bowrider boats. Bowriders are the kinds of vessels you’ll see that are built for streamlined performance and also come with seating in the front, or bow, of the boat (hence the name bowrider). This can free up a lot of space for you and […]

Safety Tips for Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a vessel to fun times in the summer! They can do everything from tow water sport enthusiasts to cruise around the bay. They are a safe boating option, but accidents do happen. When those occur, you’ll want to be prepared to deal accordingly. We gathered up our top tips for safe driving of […]

Taking Your Dog Boating

Don’t feel like you have to leave your furry friend at home when you go boating. With proper planning and precautions, your dog can enjoy a day on the water, too. At Norfolk Marine, we know that your dog is a beloved member of the family, so we created a guide to help you become more […]

Best Places to go Boating in Virginia

With the sun shining, you’re probably looking to explore new places and find new favorite watering holes. Here in Virginia, we have some of the most beautiful waterways to visit in the entire nation (or at least we think so). It’s no wonder you’d want to check out some of these places. Norfolk Marine has […]

A Buyer’s Guide To Pontoons

There are several styles and features to choose from when buying a pontoon boat that it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one particular model. Are you more interested in comfort or function? How much can you afford to spend without overdoing it? Where do you plan to take the boat? Of course, it’s […]

Tips For Keeping Your Engine In Good Shape

If you want a convenient, portable, lightweight and simple to use motor, look no further than outboards. Outboard motors come in a range of styles that make them ideal for a variety of boating applications. However, like any internal combustion engine, you’ll need to perform some regular maintenance on your outboard motor to keep it running well. […]