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Jason Murphy

(pictured w/ Kris Carroll & Eddie Smith)

Jon Nichols

General Manager


Capt. Paul Wentworth

Sales Professional
757-714-6894 Growing up with a father in the Navy, we moved often before settling down in Virginia Beach. Following in dad’s footsteps, I joined the Navy and spent four years seeing more of the world. I acquired my first boat, an 18′ Center Console at the age of 27 and have been “hooked” ever since. I have enjoyed boating from Maine to Florida and also in the Caribbean. I currently live on a boat with my 100 lb lab, Chance. Deciding to focus on a career in the boating industry, I earned my United States Coast Guard Captain’s License, which opened doors to deliver boats, teach boat handling, and then coming on board at Norfolk Marine Co. as their delivery captain. It was a natural transition to move into sales and share my love of the water with people.

Capt. Tyler Shearin

Sales Manager
757-817-1996 Having grown up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in the small fishing town of Reedville Va., I spent all of my free time fishing, crabbing, and boating. Having learned how to operate a boat at an early age, It was here that my love for the water and boating began. I would spend every free second with my grandfather down at the docks and on boats learning the tricks of navigation, safety, and boat maintenance. Coming from a long family line of boat captains, combined with my love of boating, I enrolled in a Maritime Academy after college. After earning my United States Coast Guard 100 tons offshore captains license, my travels took me up and down the east coast and many ports in between working for a commercial boating company. As they say, a true sailor always knows his way back home and, for me, my home is Norfolk Marine. I started with Norfolk Marine in early 2011 in the service department. During my tenure I attended Yamaha Marine University gaining certifications in outboard and fuel systems. Now in the sales department I have the wonderful opportunity to combine my years of maritime experience and education with my passion to help people find the boat of their dreams. I love to talk with people and find out what their boating wants and needs are.

Chris Wilson

Sales Assistant
I grew in up in Northern Virginia to an awesome family of outdoorsman and conservationist. My dad grew up in the same hometown and spent his youth finding every honey hole and deer trail from the Shenandoah to Occoquan. This gave him years of experience and a plethora of knowledge to pass down to me as I learned to love the great outdoors and all the lessons it has taught me. If I wasn’t wrapped up in year-round sports I was probably sitting in a deer stand in Bluemont, floating down the South Fork of the Shenandoah to Low Water Bridge, walking the fields of Orapax in Goochland for pheasant and quail, or running up through the creeks that funnel into Pohick Bay with my cousins and friends in search of record-setting bass, the occasional Striper, or the infamous Snakehead. Growing up close to the upper Potomac, making annual trips to our little family place in Corolla, or visiting the rest of my extended family in Charleston, SC made my love for the water and every opportunity it presented a natural and imminent connection. After moving to Norfolk to attend ODU I knew Hampton Roads would be my new home for the foreseeable future. During my first semester at ODU I got involved with our outdoor recreation department where I led students on various trips mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, kayaking, skiing, and hiking. This job reaffirmed my love for the outdoors and my passion to introduce others to all its beauty and wonder. I studied education, healthcare and outdoor recreation as an attempt to use the modalities of the outdoors as a way to help rehabilitate individuals and improve their quality of life. While I am not currently pursuing my degree as a career, the opportunity I have here at Norfolk Marine Co. allows me to share the memories and lessons I have to as an attempt to help promote that experience for others. I didn’t grow up with life-long experience in boating but my passion to serve others, my love for the water, and my interest in boating make Norfolk Marine Co. not a house, but a home.

Jordan Schoonover

Sales Professional
Growing up in south Chesapeake 5 minutes from the North Carolina line I was always traveling to Nags Head and OBX. I was always around boaters and shipyard workers my entire life. My family is shipyard oriented from my dad who has 45+ years of experience as a shipyard manager to my mom who works in safety at NNSY or my brother who works for NAVFAC as a crane team auditor, my family has truly been emersed in local shipyard culture. I graduated for Norfolk Naval Shipyards Apprenticeship program in 2014 as a journeyman Marine Electrician/Electronics technician. I spent almost 7 years working on Carriers and Submarine systems there. I later joined the Military as a Boatswain Mate Coast Guard reservist doing small boat security for Port Security Unit 305. After years of applying to Military Sealift command I finally got a job as a merchant seaman in the deck department. There I worked my way up to UNREP Helmsman, fuel rig and cargo rig operator. As a civilian working for MSC I went through the Navy’s Search and Rescue Swimmer program in Jacksonville Florida. I spent 4 years traveling all over the world going from port-to-port loading cargo fuel and ammo underway for the Navy and being the designated Search and Rescue Swimmer onboard the ship. while at MSC I also served on a sea going tugboat (salvage tugboat) doing recovery missions and vessel disposal. After my sailing Career came to an end it led me to Gryphon Technologies where I was a Corrosion Planner where we tracked all corrosion on all USS vessels in the Navy. I started at Norfolk Marine as a Quality Assurance Manager in March of 2022.

Matthew Dalton

Delivery Coordinator
Virginia Beach I spent a lot of my time at the beach, surfing, fishing and enjoying being outside. At a young age I gained a passion for being by the water. In 2017 I started working as a dock hand at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club.

Tim Fitzgerald

Sales Professional
757-237-0544 Being raised in Northern New York on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River by an outdoorsman as a father, I came by my passion for the water and fishing naturally. I worked with my father for many years providing bait to most of the local bait shops around the Thousand Island region in Northern New York before graduating high school and joining the US Navy, I served for eight exciting years in the Navy before I decided to end my military career to raise a family and settle down here in the Tidewater area. I have enjoyed living in Norfolk since 1986. Being in the boat business and working in literally every department at a dealership was the direction I chose to educate myself on how to best serve you, the customer. After several years of selling loose boat parts for Norfolk Marine Company an opportunity opened up for me here in the boat sales department. I started here in 1997 and to this day I am employed at Norfolk Marine Company where I have every intention to work until it is time to retire.

Tom Bashara

Business Manager / Finance & Insurance


Ben Barber


Brian Harris

Shop Foreman
5 Star Technician

Dan Dunn

Master Technician

Dave Stanley

Master Technician
Dave Stanley is a 25 year veteran of the marine industry. He started in the rigging department at Norfolk Marine in 1993 where he caught on quickly with gelcoat repair and electronics installations. Dave then transferred to the service department to train as a technician, working on stern drives as well as outboards. With this new knowledge and understanding of marine technology, Dave was then advanced to the position of Rigging Manager where he stayed for the next four years. However, he could not resist the urge to work hands on with boats and motors so he transferred back to service to become one of the best technicians Norfolk Marine has ever employed. Dave obtained the title of Yamaha Master Technician in a few short years and quickly became the “go to guy” in our service department, earning the position of Shop Foreman and Senior Technician. After mastering the field of engine repair and working in almost every other department at Norfolk Marine, Dave then chose to pursue a new career with Norfolk Marine as our Parts Manager. His 20 years of knowledge and experience in service and repair will transfer very well into his new position and we look forward to his continued growth with the Company. Dave has recently transition back to our Service Department and has just received his Yamaha Master Technician Recertification credentials in the Winter of 2018. Dave is an avid fisherman and boater who spends most of his free time on the water. He has a true passion for the boating lifestyle and hopes to share that with our customers for years to come.

Fred Gerber

5 Star Technician / Mobile Service

Jan Przybylski

5 Star Technician

Matt Wainscott

Service Manager
757-461-3391 ext. 103 I grew up near Chick’s Beach and it is where I call my home. The bay, the ocean and the salt are in my blood. I spent much of my childhood on the beach or in the water. My father was a Navy Seal and my mother was a teacher in the Virginia Beach Public School system. I’m engaged to a beautiful woman with a heart of gold and I have a close relationship with my sister and her family, as well as my fiancé’s family. I consider myself (and I think many others would consider me) to be a true ‘people person’. I never knew what career path I wanted as a child. I love music and play guitar and dabble with other instruments. I love to write and I love to create anything within my talents and abilities. I spent much my early adulthood working in local favorite seafood restaurants; most notably Rudee’s on the Inlet at the Oceanfront, where I learned that my love for creation could be applied to almost anything (at the time, just the act of coming up with a lunch special or executing a beautiful blackened rockfish plate). Ultimately, I learned that restaurant life was not for me or my future. When I went to college, I honestly had no clue what direction to take, so I studied a variety of subjects. I found something I loved in virtually all of them. After college, I embarked upon a career as a freelance writer. I used my wide range of interest to learn and write about any and everything: music, business, marketing, astronomy, politics, neurology… I even did some translation and wrote children’s stories. Self-employment taught me many of the practices and skills that I utilized when I started as a service advisor at Norfolk Marine in 2018 and that I still use every day as the service manager. Communication, customer service, listening and accepting constructive criticism, researching, and using every available resource to learn about whatever subject matter a project involved. Ultimately, I decided that self-employment was not my ultimate goal and through circumstance and relationships I’d developed through my life, I found myself as a service advisor at Norfolk Marine. In the years that I’ve been with the company, I’ve come to find my true callings: customer service and business management. If anyone would have told me these would be my passion 20 years ago, I would never have believed them. But it’s true: I not only enjoy interacting with people: my coworkers, business associates, and customers, it is my passion. I love being handed a challenge or ‘problem’ and coming up with a solution. I look forward to years to come working at a company that has been growing for 75 plus years and to helping as many people as I can, whether with small challenges or bigger ones. Bottom line is: boats are fun, boating is fun, working with boats is fun, working with people is fun and as I’m having the best time of my life!

Maurice Simmons

Fiberglass Master Technician

Megan Eberwine

Rigging Service Advisor

Michael Headrick

Transport / CDL Driver

Monica Medlin

Service Advisor
Service Advisor 757-461-3391 ext. 526

Patrick Shafer



Carlos Blackwell

Parts Manager

Walter Tindell

Parts Associate / Shipping Coordinator
Asst. Service Manager / Service Advisor 757-461-3391 ext. 119


Brandon Hammonds


Cole Jefferson

5 Star Technician / Rigging

James Allen


Josh Bernard


Paul Murray

Rigging Shop Foreman

Woody Lashley

5 Star Technician / Rigging


Peyton Muhic

Title Clerk / Customer Relations
Peyton grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. After graduating from Broadwater Academy, she attended James Madison University for two years before she transferred and graduated from Longwood University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. She began working in the marine industry in 2010 as an office manager and have stayed in the marine industry since. She loves spending her free time on the water, weather she is simply going for a boat ride, fishing, or combing the beach. Other than spending her time on the water, she enjoys hanging out with her beloved French Bulldog, Dot!

Debra Winchester

Office Manager / Customer Relations