Wetsuit vs. Drysuit

The more time you spend getting in the water or getting doused by waves, the more important the right boating accessories are going to be. Wetsuits and drysuits both play important roles in keeping your body dry and insulated, but there are some key differences. That’s why Norfolk Marine has provided some information on these options and […]

Cooking On Your Boat

Cruising along in your boat is an excellent way to relax and unwind as you enjoy an afternoon on the water. Oftentimes, people end up spending several hours on their vessel. At some point, you’ll need to eat! Fortunately, there are many ways to go about cooking on your boat even if you don’t have the facilities […]

Navigating Shallow Waters

If you’re seeking a particular type of fish that lurks close to the shore, it’s essential that you learn how to navigate shallow waters in your boat. Or maybe you’re just hoping to better understand how to cross the shallow water as your head out to larger depths. Whatever the case, Norfolk Marine has gathered some […]