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Very happy with the service and my purchase. Jordan was my salesperson and he did a great job getting everything squared away. Jordan is very knowledgeable about operating the boat, explaining features, trailering, all the maintenance tips you will need and everything. So if this is your first purchase of you’ve always owned boats you will appreciate Jordan’s expertise. Great service, and will work with them again in the future for sure. Thanks guys!

Norfolk Marine does it again. Great service. I have taken 2 boats in for service over several years and continue to be impressed with their service. Lee and Matt in the service department are true professionals. I can’t tell how you much I appreciate the continued updates and information provided along the way no matter how small or how large the service request is. Not only do they make great suggestions but they look out for you as the customer when it comes to what your spending and what your asking to have done. If your boat need service without hesitation this is your dealer. Thank you Norfolk Marine!


Spring Refresh Package


Save Almost $1,000!

Ensure your boat is in top condition for the upcoming season by choosing this package which includes:

De-Winterization (Motors): If applicable, we de-winterize the outboard, expulsing the heavy-duty lubricants.

Battery check: We inspect terminals, and, if necessary, clean connections, charge and load test your batteries to ensure they are in prime condition.

Boat systems examination: We check electrical systems, including all lights, stereos, VHF radios, pumps, horn, MFDs, pumps, to guarantee functionality.

Freshwater system flush: We flush all antifreeze from freshwater system and check to ensure there are no cracks/leaks from the winter cold.

Electronics update: If applicable, we check for and install any necessary updates on Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, or other fish/depth finders and chartplotters to the latest software.

Diagnostic download: A trained and certified technician will perform a factory download from the outboard’s ECU to check operating hours and check for any potential issues or stored codes to ensure your engine is performing at its best.

Transom plug check: Prior to returning any boat picked up by the service center, we ensure the transom plug is properly installed and functional prior to return.

Courtesy wash: At no cost, we spray down and grime, pollen or other buildup that accumulates on the boat over the winter months (waxing/detailing not included).

Pressure Wash of Boat Bottom: Say goodbye to grime and marine buildup with a thorough pressure wash of your boat’s bottom. Our expert technicians will meticulously clean the hull, removing dirt, algae, and other contaminants that can impede performance and efficiency. Please note that while this service includes a thorough wash, it does not cover scraping or barnacle removal.

Antifouling paint advisory: We check your antifouling paint and provide recommendations.

Preventative maintenance: We check the outboards service records and recommend any services indicated to ensure proactive maintenance measures.

Safety equipment check: We ensure all safety equipment is in compliance and up to date, providing peace of mind.

Trailer maintenance inspection: For added convenience, we inspect your trailer for any necessary maintenance, grease wheel bearings and test the electrical components.

This comprehensive package that includes essential services like de-winterization, computer download, trailer check, pressure wash, and thorough boat systems and safety checks will ensure your boat is ready for adventure this season!

Enjoy a 50% discount on pickup and mobile service charges!


Full Engine Tune-Up



Value-packed with services like de-winterization, computer download, trailer check, pressure wash, boat systems, and safety check, this offer is designed to elevate your boating season from start to finish.

Here are the service specials tailored to keep your 4-cylinder four-stroke engines (ranging from 40HP to 200HP) in top-notch condition:

Includes everything from Tier 1 PLUS…

Engine Oil Change: Drain and replace the engine oil and oil filter. This helps to keep the engine lubricated properly.

Lower Unit Lube Change/Inspection: Drain and replace the oil in the outboard’s gearcase and inspect for signs of water intrusion. Service includes oil and new lower unit gaskets.

Fuel System Check: Inspect and replace external fuel filters (transom-mounted fuel/water separator and engine inline cup filter and O-ring, inspect fuel line condition, check fuel condition and, if necessary, add stabilizer or recommend indicated services.

Anode Inspection: Check external engine anodes (outboard trim tab anode and bracket anode) and replace, if indicated, to ensure outboard remains protected from electrolysis and corrosion. (anode replacement is included, but only if the technician determines replacement is indicated).

Propeller and Propeller Shaft Inspection/Lubrication: We remove the outboard’s propeller and check for any items that may have been picked up in the water (fishing line or debris) to prevent damage to oil seals, we apply grease to the spline, and, if indicated, check the propeller shaft to ensure it is within factory specifications. Also, we will make recommendations if any there is any damage on the propeller itself. (repairs or replacements not included in routine maintenance)

Outboard Electrical System Check: Inspect all engine electrical connections and terminals, cleaning any buildup when applicable and ensuring all connections are watertight and secure.

Engine Start/Idle Condition Check: We will start the outboard and run it, checking the starting condition and engine idling to check for signs of any potential issues are identified prior to the boating season.

Check steering system and Control Cables: We will check steering systems, mechanical/hydraulic/electric, for proper operation and recommend indicated services.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prep your boat for adventure while enjoying incredible savings.


Spring Refresh Package


Save Almost $1,000!

Discover the ultimate care package for your boat with our exclusive service special promotion, meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive maintenance and ensure peak performance:

Includes all items from Tiers 1 & 2!

Outboard Cooling System Recommended Maintenance

Water Pump Kit Replacement: Removal lower unit, remove water pump housing, water pump impeller, woodruff key, plate, inspect seals, install new water pump kit, inspect housing, reinstall lower unit and ensure proper operation.**

Thermostat Replacement: Remove, inspect and replace thermostats/gaskets.

Promotional Details:

*This special is designed for single-engine vessels. For larger vessels with 2 or more motors, generators, HVAC, SeaKeeper, or other specialty systems, any additional motor or component serviced or inspected will be subject to normal rates. Estimates will be provided.

Parts included in the special are limited to the following: (annual service only) oil, oil filter, fuel/water separator, inline fuel filter and o-ring, lower unit lube and gaskets, cotter pin, (w/cooling system) water pump kit, thermostat, thermostat gasket. This does NOT include spark plugs, anodes, water pump housings, or parts not replaced during typical preventative maintenance.

Costs for additional tech or wide-load spotting vehicle for boat retrieval are not included.

*Due to variations in parts costs on different outboard models, total savings may vary from model to model.

**Cooling system service includes routine parts and service. Does not include additional cost if issues are present, such as damage to the water pump housing or seizure of lower unit bolts due to improper maintenance. All possible additional costs will be discussed with customer prior to work being performed.